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Q&A with Youth Basketball Sensation Janel Moore

Janel Moore started playing basketball at a very young age and has her eyes set for the WNBA. With lots of dedication and hard work she will make her dream come true so make sure you follow this star player. 

How old are you and what school do you attend? 
I am 12 years old and I attend Saddle River Day School in New Jersey. 

When did you first start playing basketball? 
I first started playing basketball when I was 5 years old. 

What do you love about basketball? 
I just love being active and always moving, that's what basketball is all about. 

What position do you play? 
I play shooting guard and sometimes point guard. 

What leagues do you play in and do you do a lot of traveling? 
I play in the Nike Rose Classic, Nike DYCD, Hoop Heaven, Hoops In The Sun and Holcombe Rucker Leagues. Yes, I do a lot of traveling.

Whats your favorite NBA and or  WNBA player of all time and why? 
My favorite WNBA player of all time is Shoni Schimmel because, in my opinion, she is the best passer in the league.  I want to be able to pass like her one day. 

Whats your favorite sneakers you like to ball in? 
My favorite sneaker to ball in are my Curry 1 Father to Son. 

What do you do when you can relax at home? 
When I relax at home I face time my friends, play on my Xbox and sometimes I go outside and shoot around on my hoop. 

Do you play any other sports? 
No, I do not play any other sport. 

Do you listen to music before a game if so what do yo like to listen to? 
Yes, I like to listen to music before a game, I like to listen to rap music and some R&B. 

Whats next for you, where do you see yourself in the basketball world?
In the basketball world I see my future self playing for the New York Liberty being the star shooting guard. 


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