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PUMA's new Faas 800

Spring training isn't for just baseball players anymore. Once those spring days roll around, people are dying to expand their workout -- not just in the gym, but outdoors, too. And with new workout regimes come new workout gear and, this season, lightweight continues to be the "it" thing with running.

Building on the success of the Faas lineup, Puma introduces a non-posted stability model in the Faas series ideal for over pronators looking to lighten up their ride.

This shoe is created for runners that don’t need all the jazz of conventional running shoes, but still need a little support.

The Faas 800 will offer runners stability through the geometry of the shoe. This is accomplished through a one piece midsole as well as additional medial wall buildup instead of a traditional post.

The Faas 800 is now available at

FAVORITES: Justin Marsland Track and Field Athlete


This 11 year old athlete of Nyack, NY who excels in track and field as well in the classroom showcases some of his favorites and everyday items that keeps him going.

1. Loves the new Puma Faas 800 to run like the wind
2. Beats by Dr. Dre the ultimate earphones for the cool sounds
3. LA Kings snap back
4. iPod Touch from Apple
5. Playing Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360
6. And of course reading about Jesse Owens the Olympic Hero

Justin runs for Rock City Striders track and field club in Rockland County

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low iD Jeremy Lin

LINSANITY continues. This weekend in Orlando, beginning tonight, Jeremy Lin will wear a new Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low iD basketball shoe customized with his name, number and blue and orange team colors. Lin’s shoe of choice and ideal for players with his versatility, it features Nike Zoom technology for a soft, yet responsive, cushioning system. Consumers can replicate the exact customization options for this shoe at

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adidas Jeremy Lin New York Knicks Ladies LINsanity Premium Tri-Blend V-neck T-shirt - Black

adidas Jeremy Lin New York Knicks Ladies LINsanity Premium Tri-Blend V-neck T-shirt - Black
Jeremy Lin is the new rage of the NBA and has been leading the Knicks to a hot streak! Embrace the hotness and cheer on Lin in this ultrasoft V-neck Tri-Blend tee from adidas! It features distressed stylized "LINSANITY" lettering with a team logo printed on the front under your favorite Knick's name.

adidas Jeremy Lin New York Knicks LINsanity T-Shirt - Royal Blue

adidas Jeremy Lin New York Knicks LINsanity T-Shirt - Royal Blue
Feel free to let loose and get a little crazy while rocking your support for the Knicks' breakout PG, Jeremy Lin, in this custom tee from adidas. It features stylized "LINSANITY" lettering with a team logo printed on the front under your favorite player's name.

Q&A: With Saunte of Flipside Fresh an Extreme Sport Apparel Line

The Athletic Genius interviewed Saunte of Flip Side Fresh an extreme sport apparel line that integrates music, style and imagery of popular culture. They aim to breakdown the stereotypes and bring awareness to the diversity of adventure sports.

Q: Why did you call your line Flipside Fresh and when did you launch it?
A: We choose the name Flipside Fresh because we felt there was only one side of extreme sports being shown to the world.  The "flip side" echos the sense that we wanted to show the other side of extreme sports, not everyone involved in these sports today fits one box, looks a certain way or comes from a particular background.  We also wanted it to be "fresh" - something new, hip, different.  We launched on Jan 9th, 2011.  Our project was also chosen to be featured on Kickstarter.  It's a great opportunity for people to show their support for our idea and the start-up.  A video with more about us and what we're doing can be found at:

Q: What inspired you to develop Flipside Fresh?
A: We wanted to show that people of all colors, ethnicities, races, backgrounds and cultures participate in sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, etc.  In addition to bringing awareness to minorities involved in extreme sports, we also wanted to introduce a fresh perspective to extremers.  There wasn't anything out there that gave a voice to this growing group, so we decided to incorporate hip-hop and pop culture into apparel for extremers.

QWhat are your plans for the future to developing the line?
A: Since we launched during ski/snowbaording season, we are currently focused on winter sports.  Of course, throughout the year, we plan on offering options that will appeal to extremers outside of those on the slopes.  We currently have t-shirts in our product line, but plan on expanding to offer additional apparel items such as hats, tanks, long sleeve shirts, etc.  Our online store is up and running at, but we would like to make our products available in stores to be more accessible in the future as well.

Q: Are you starting to see more diversity in the extreme sport industry?
A: Absolutely!  Over the past 10 years we have seen a growing interest and involvement by various ethnicities in extreme sports.  More and more people from diverse backgrounds are trying out sports for the first time and it's always great to see.  For example, numerous African-American ski clubs can be found all over the U.S. today. These clubs and groups like "Soulboarders" create a community for people to learn more about skiing and snowboarding and open up a whole new world of opportunity for those wanting to get involved.  On our website, wehave a blog that highlights extremers participation in sports and tells the story of how they got involved and what they love about the activities they do.  It's a great way to build the community to share common experiences, expose people to new sports and show people diversity.

Q: Talk about some of the designs that you are creating for the tees
and which ones are your more popular ones?

A: We wanted to tie youth, fun, hip-hop and pop culture with the apparel line so many designs will be a spin on hip-hop lyrics such as our "The Good Life" and "Board so Hard" shirts.  We also found that people enjoy the logo we created so it's become one of our most popular.

David Garzon is the in-house Graphic Designer for Flipside Fresh.


The North Face

Our latest gear and apparel features state-of-the-art fabrics and construction methods, cutting edge design and fresh new styles. Shop New Arrivals at

The North Face

PUMA TwentyOne Concept Store at BOXPARK

Located in the revolutionary BOXPARK pop-up mall in Shoreditch London, PUMA opens a new concept store, called “TWENTYONE.” This new concept shop will offer new stock and organize events and promotions every 21 days. Visitors will be welcomed with a menu board at the entrance highlighting the 21 exclusive footwear options offered in store. Keeping in line with its ecological principles and BOXPARK’s inventive approach on building sustainable structures by means of container vans, each pair of shoes will come in PUMA’s Clever Little Bags and highlight some icons from the PUMA Eco Table that indicates the eco-friendly materials utilized.

Since 2008 in Alicante, Spain, PUMA have been constructing portable spaces which house retail spaces, bars and decking areas. These spaces are called Puma Cities. It is a mutual love for container architecture that pulled PUMA and BOXPARK together. Being one of the first major brands to experiment with this concept made it feel right for PUMA to support this. A fantastic opportunity to enlighten consumers with PUMA’s most iconic and innovative products through a total brand experience.

Ewing Brand Athletics Sneakers are Coming Back in 2012

One of the most prominent sneaker brands of the 90′s is set for a much-anticipated comeback. Ewing Athletics, a company revolving around former New York Knicks great Patrick Ewing, revealed yesterday that they would be back in 2012. Popular models from Ewing Athletics include the 33Hi and Concept Hi which are most likely to return, allowing Ewing Athletics to capitalize on the demand for such classics.We will keep you posted.

Nike Invents the First Running Shoe for Prosthetic Legs

Long synonymous with athletic performance, Nike has applied its prowess as the world's leading sneaker manufacturer to a previously untapped market— those with prosthetic legs. The company partnered with world renowned, inspirational triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, who lost her leg to a bone disease at the age of seven, to develop the Nike Sole.
The specialized shoe was developed to work in tandem with the Ossur Flex-Run running blade, which is the most common prosthetic used by athletes who are leg amputees. It easily slides over the foot of the blade and latches into place in seconds.

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Nike Announces Team LIVESTRONG

February 4 marked World Cancer Day and the announcement of Nike Team LIVESTRONG uniting to bring hope, courage and inspiration to the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide. Joining Lance Armstrong and the millions around the world are a variety of world-class athletes who have directly or indirectly been affected by the disease. The list of compassionate and caring individuals include Julian Wilson, P.K. Subban, Sanya Richards-Ross, Lamar Odom, Larry Fitzgerald, Tessa Bonhomme and John Lester. Head over to Nike to read further about the cause as well as each individual athlete’s intimate struggle with the various types of cancers that ravaged their love one’s bodies over the years.

Yurbuds–Never Before Like This

Yurbuds are the number one sport earphones because they perform like no other earphone has before. Yurbuds Twist Lock into place for a secure fit that never falls out even under the most intense workout conditions.

NBX Running Collection - 728x90