MLB Authentic Collection 59Fifty Cap

Spikease the Ultimate Track Spike Cover

Tired of walking on your heels?  We were, which is how Spikease came to be!  After years of the dreaded heel walk, or changing into running shoes when leaving the track surface, we decided to do something about it.  We wanted something that could be easily placed over spikes so athletes could move on and off the track with ease; a track spike cover.  Now you can enjoy the benefits of Spikease
• Spikease track spike cover can help save your spikes!
• No more heel walking
• Move with ease on and off the track
• Protect belongings in your gym bag

Check them out at

PUMA x ICNY Ignite Ice Cream


PUMA and ICNY have released the IGNITE Ice Cream that perfectly intertwines and embodies each brands DNA. The IGNITE Ice Cream is an intersection of sport, style and innovation and is available in two colorways inspired by two classic ice cream flavors, chocolate chip cookie and mint chocolate chip. In pure ICNY fashion, the upper is full-color 3M reflective material with breathable mesh that keeps the temperature down during these hot end of summer days.

The two pack is now available through and will be released globally beginning 9/1/15.

POWERHANDZ with Grayson "The Professor" Boucher

POWERHANDZ Ambassador and street ball legend, Grayson "The Professor" Boucher, gives you a breakdown on how to use your POWERHANDZ.

POWERHANDZ are performance-enhancing sports gloves and athletic training products innovatively designed to both strengthen hand and arm muscles and intensify players’ dexterity. There are 4 products in the portfolio: a weighted Anti-Grip Glove, a weighted Pure-Grip Glove, a removable Anti-Grip Basketball Wrap and a removable Anti-Grip Football Wrap.

adidas Ultra Boost Adds New Colorways

adidas Ultra Boost unveils new colorways (Frozen Yellow for women and Solar Yellow for men). The most technically-advanced running shoe with Boost technology bringing unprecedented comfort and energy mile after mile.

The carefully-engineered Primeknit upper provides a precision fit and maximum breathability, while the midsole technology returns energy with each step. A Stretch Web outsole with a perforated, elastic design adapts to all surfaces and puts runners closer to the Boost cushioning, allowing them to maximize the energy-return benefits. The heel cradles the foot and adjusts to the Achilles tendon’s natural movements. For a customized fit and feel, a featherweight sock liner adapts to runners’ individual foot forms.

Ultra Boost is now available for $180 at

Q&A with Adarian Barr on the Development of Barr Footwear

Adarian Barr is changing human locomotion with his creation of Barr Footwear a handcrafted tailored made to fit shoe that is very functional. 

Tell us a little about your self. 
My name is Adarian Barr and I am an inventor. I have invented about 9 devices from footwear to sleds to exercise devices. I am a USATF Level II coach in the sprint, jumps hurdles and relays. I have a masters degree in Physical Education and have been a track coach and a college lecturer along with various other jobs in my life. 

What inspired you to develop Barr Footwear? 
I have been working on designing footwear for about 10 years. The first foray was when I started cutting shoes because they just didn't feel right. People thought I was weird for doing it  and now we have NIKE free and a host of other shoes that basically does the same thing. Also just was tired o buying a pair that I like and then 5 months later it wasn't available and the same style new model was totally different. I stop wearing sock a long time ago as I felt them to be too restrictive. The main idea was to find something that allowed me to interface with the ground better regardless of the surface. Something that is functional over looks. 

What are the main challenges you face when designing the Barr Footwear? 
The main challenge was the concept of not using a shoe last to make footwear. Barr Footwear uses just a trace of a person foot. So you get footwear that fits your foot every time.

What are your future goals for Barr Footwear? 
Future goals is just educating people that footwear should fit, function and look good.

PUMA Men's Fall 2015 Event

I had the pleasure to check out one of the hottest event in NYC last night at the Openhouse Gallery the PUMA Men's Fall 2015 Preview. The collection showcased some of the hottest hoodies, wind breakers, back packs and sneakers for the season. We rolled our own fresh cigars and enjoyed treatments from Shotcut barbers, who provided free haircuts. The Cuban themed food and drink hit the spot as we mingled amongst the crowd and previewed the fall line.

You can get all of this Puma hotness and more for your feet come this fall. #foreverfaster #puma

Q&A with Nyack High School’s Track & Field Athlete Ariana “Weezus” Marsland

Ariana Marsland while only in the 7th grade competed at the High School level. Everyone she competed with was several years older than her but she stood her ground and made an impact to her team while earning a spot as lead off leg on the varsity 4x100 relay. By being the youngest on the team Ariana had to work harder and be more confident while on the track. She is already running a solid 100m in a consistent 13.2s and knows that she will only get faster over time.

Q: How old are you and what school do you attend?
A: I am 12 years old about to be 13 in October and I attend Nyack Middle School but run for Nyack High School varsity team.

Q: How did you get the nickname “Weezus”?
A: Well I have asthma and after a long day of training I wheeze a little before I take my pump. So my teammates started calling me Weezus.

Q: When did you first start running track and field?
A: I started running track when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My parents would take my brother and I to compete at track meets in the New York area. My parents helped start up a track club which I was a member of and this gave me the foundation to run, teaching me the correct running techniques, form and to compete against some top runners. So when I signed up for the High School team I had the base already and the coaching staff took me under their wing and gave me tough workouts to make me a stronger athlete. Though I still have another year left before I even enter High School I will only get better and learn from my peers.
NBX Running Collection - 728x90