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Heyday Footwear the Freshest in Fitness

Heyday Footwear designs driven performance high top gym sneakers for the freshest in fitness. Their customers are at the pinnacle of bodybuilding and fitness in all its forms or aspire to be. They use innovative designs with fresh materials and colors that enhance actual fitness performance as well as boosting the customers confidence by knowing they have the freshest kicks in the gym.

Chief Everything Officer and footwear designer Darin Hager couldn’t find the sneaker style he craved at retail and his forward thinking designs were hindered by the corporate footwear brands he designed for day in and day out for over 10 years. In 2007 he set out on his own to do what few other footwear designers had achieved; create his own sneaker brand, on his terms and by himself. Today, Heyday Footwear is the design driven and independent sneaker brand for the freshest in fitness worldwide.

Heyday is available only at They cut out the middle man (the stores), so they can bring the amazing, premium fitness sneakers directly to you (the customer) at an amazing (not premium) price. People want what nobody else has, and with production limited to just 100-200 pairs per style, you're guaranteed to be part of an exclusive family.
Heyday Footwear's focus has always been on building an amazing and strong independent brand, supported by passionate customers who truly LOVE there designs and all the hustle that goes along with it. The amazing customer service and personal connection that Darin provides as the owner, whether in person, by phone, or online are as much a feature of the brand as his refreshingly designed footwear.


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