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Q&A with Adarian Barr on the Development of Barr Footwear

Adarian Barr is changing human locomotion with his creation of Barr Footwear a handcrafted tailored made to fit shoe that is very functional. 

Tell us a little about your self. 
My name is Adarian Barr and I am an inventor. I have invented about 9 devices from footwear to sleds to exercise devices. I am a USATF Level II coach in the sprint, jumps hurdles and relays. I have a masters degree in Physical Education and have been a track coach and a college lecturer along with various other jobs in my life. 

What inspired you to develop Barr Footwear? 
I have been working on designing footwear for about 10 years. The first foray was when I started cutting shoes because they just didn't feel right. People thought I was weird for doing it  and now we have NIKE free and a host of other shoes that basically does the same thing. Also just was tired o buying a pair that I like and then 5 months later it wasn't available and the same style new model was totally different. I stop wearing sock a long time ago as I felt them to be too restrictive. The main idea was to find something that allowed me to interface with the ground better regardless of the surface. Something that is functional over looks. 

What are the main challenges you face when designing the Barr Footwear? 
The main challenge was the concept of not using a shoe last to make footwear. Barr Footwear uses just a trace of a person foot. So you get footwear that fits your foot every time.

What are your future goals for Barr Footwear? 
Future goals is just educating people that footwear should fit, function and look good.

Are you a runner?
I compete in masters track and field. I am a sprinter and I long and triple jump. I compete wearing my Barr Footwear. 

How do you think this shoe will affect the industry? 
It will make changes in how shoes are designed.  Barr Footwear has no lacing system or elastic to help hold them on. No zero drop, no minimalist, no motion control feature but yet you can perform very well in them. The lightest pair weighs only 1/2 oz.  

What types of runners or athletes should wear this shoe? 
Any one that wants greater sensitivity should wear this shoe. The more aware your feet are the more aware you are. It is all about movement. What you put on your feet has influence over your movement patterns. It starts with not constricting the toe and medial and transverse arches of the foot.

What are the product benefits of Barr Footwear? 
Better interface with your environment.  Your feet won't fatigue when you are not moving such as when you are driving or standing in one place or watching TV. Your feet are free to move. Your involuntary movement improves while connecting with the earth. 

When will they be available to the market? 
Hopefully by the end of the year it will hit the market and have some available now for select individuals. I am also working on a carbon fiber insole that will go with the shoe. 

What advice would you give a young footwear designer? 
Don't copy but innovate. Think anything but inside the box.

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