MLB Authentic Collection 59Fifty Cap

Darrelle Revis from Football to Fashion (Loco S. Star)

Revis Co-founder of Loco S. Star which is a premier of the most original limited edition apparel art in the world. We limit our designs to 500-1000 pieces to keep them fresh and to keep the lifestyle evolving. The products created by Loco S. Star is a global movement that exemplifies the cutting edge lifestyle of the streets and pop cultures. Loco S. Star is a blend of multi-cultural influences of design and colors. We get our inspirations from USA to Carribean Islands to South America to Canada to England to Japan to China to Africa all the way To DownUnder and beyond... you get the drift. There's a piece that is designed for ANYone from ANYwhere. The "S" in Loco S. Star stands for super. Thats what you are when you put on one of our tees. When you put on one of our pieces you will feel unique and stand out in any crowd. We are commited to providing you with the highest quality in fabric and detailed workmenship in every piece that we produce.


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