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iPhone Telephoto Lens

You have an iPhone and want to take close up pictures at a baseball or basketball game, well here is your chance with the iPhone Telephoto Lens. This little (big) lens gives our humble cell phone shots uber-telephoto powers (8x the powers to be exact). Powers we never thought possible with our dinky built-in lens. Here's how it works: each lens comes with a sleek, matte black iPhone case that you twist the lens onto. To compose your shot just twist the grip on the lens' manual focus ring to make it sharp. Then snap! When you aren't using the lens you can just leave your nifty new case on and slip the lens in your pocket (try that with a 500mm Sigma). It's a lens and case in one, always at the ready. If you're looking for a more composed shot, you can use the collapsible table tripod (included) to steady and focus your photos. It'll come super handy when you're shooting in low-light. Each telephoto lens comes with a phone case, a mini-tripod and a cleaning cloth.



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