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Foot Kinetics. Good for your Feet!!

FootKinetics makes foot creams that provide blister protection and callus reduction for Hiker’s, Runners, Walkers and active people on their feet all day.

HikeGoo, RunGoo, WalkGoo and SilkStep foot creams are good for feet because they protect skin from damage and help avoid foot problems by forming a friction-free layer between the skin and sock. This protective layer reduces rubbing and friction and also relieves a variety of foot problems including blisters, callus formation, soft tissue bruising and sore feet. Each formulation is different and contains a blend of hard wax, lanolin and natural vegetable waxes to moisturize and protect sensitive nerves from abrasion and foot fatigue. 

Each product is formulated for that activity.  So it will absorb slowly and moisturize your foot during your activity.  There is some residue in your sock as well and this also provides protection for your skin. 

No matter what you do, or what sport you participate in, you will find a Foot Kinetics product to meet your needs.  Starter bottles on each of the Foot Kinetic products start at $9.99.  You can purchase larger tubes for $16.99-$26.99.  Be sure and visit their website to find out more!  You can also find Foot Kinetics on Facebook.


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