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When the Air Comes Out of the BALL

To some sports is just a hobby. To others, it is a way of life. Athletics have become a primary component of American culture, as well as other cultures throughout the entire world. It provides principles of work ethic, leadership, teamwork, and unity. For the most part, fans can’t help but appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears athletes shed during competition. Spectators should value the dedication that enables elite athletes to perform at high levels. Although championships can be fun to watch, one thing both athletes and fans should understand is that sports don’t last forever. Seventy-eight percent of all former NFL players and 60 percent of all retired NBA players face bankruptcy or financial hardship within five years after retirement. The reason for these horrid statistics results from a number of different factors. The most common problem retired players face is their failure to develop a plan that will promote prosperity after they have played their last game. When the Air Comes Out of the Ball is an inspirational autobiography written by Gerald H. Inman, Jr. It serves to educate readers about both the glamour and rigor of professional sports. This will inspire young people to perceive and utilize their gifts as a window of opportunity to make their wildest dreams become reality. 
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